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When you’ve suffered a compression fracture of the spine, the pain can be a daily concern. If you’ve tried medication and physical therapy without any relief, Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates can help. We provide spinal compression surgery, or kyphoplasty, in Fort Myers, FL.

Benefits of Kyphoplasty

While surgery may seem like a frightening prospect, kyphoplasty is a safe procedure and has a short recovery period. Most people will resume activities within a couple of days with little to no pain.

The surgery significantly reduces and maintains a lack of back pain as well as restores height that was lost from the fracture. This means that you get to go back to the quality of life you had before your spine compression fracture.

You get your mobility back, and you no longer have to spend days in bed, immobilized from your back pain. Kyphoplasty can let you get back to a pain-free life. Contact us today.

If you suffer from a spine compression fracture, you’re not alone. This painful condition affects nearly 40% of women over age 80.

Spine compression fractures occur when the vertebral body in the spine collapses. They cause pain and reduce your ability to move freely.

If osteoporosis, cancer, or another condition caused your spine compression fracture, the surgeons at Southwest Florida Neurological Associates can provide relief. We have treated many men and women like you with kyphoplasty in our Fort Myers, FL clinic.

The Kyphoplasty Procedure

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure. After you are anesthetized, our experienced surgeons take the following steps:

  1. Your doctor makes an incision in your back and places a narrow tube there.
  2. He or she uses x-ray images for guidance as he or she inserts a balloon through the tube and inflates it.
  3. The balloon returns the bone pieces to their former height.
  4. The doctor removes the balloon and fills the cavity with a cement-like material.
  5. The material hardens to stabilize the bone.

At Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates, we use a vertebral augmentation system called AFFIRM® to insert the balloon. We also use SHIELD™ Barrier Technology to control the application of the cement. These advanced technologies ensure that the procedure is as safe as possible, with no damage to your spine.

Recovery from Kyphoplasty

Some patients feel pain relief immediately after kyphoplasty at our Fort Myers, FL clinic, while others will feel reduced pain within 2 days. You can return home the same day of your surgery. After 24 hours of rest, you can return to mild activities.

Your doctor will talk to you about possible risks of the procedure, including infection or an allergic reaction. The procedure is considered safe.

If you believe your condition requires a kyphoplasty procedure, our Fort Myers, FL clinic can help. Call for a consultation.

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